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Welcome to micko's site

This is where I rant about stuff. Sometimes important stuff, coding stuff, footy stuff, whatever.

Interested? Peruse my latest posts below or find posts in the sidebar links. (Um.. scroll down to find the sidebar if you are browsing on a phone or small tablet in portrait mode.)

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Slacko 7 FINALLY

Posted by micko on 4th Jan 2021 15:22:40 Category: release

At long last Slacko 7.0 and Slacko64 7.0 are released! It has been a long bumpy road but finally we've made it. The machine on which I type has a save file date...

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Raspup bugfix release

Posted by micko on 5th Jul 2020 19:42:55 Category: release

Raspup Buster 8.2.1 bugfix and minor feature update is now released. The kernels for all pi versions have been upgraded to Linux 5.4.42. All Raspbian AKA Raspbe...

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Google Family Link Major Problem

Posted by micko on 28th Mar 2020 09:15:36 Category: browsers

Blink based browsers such as Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and even Microsoft's Edge these days have a very large share of the web browser mark...

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Raspup Buster Final Released

Posted by micko on 2nd Jan 2020 06:53:45 Category: release

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official Puppy Linux release of Raspup Buster 8.2.0 for the Raspberry Pi family of computers. Raspup is compatible...

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