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The latest version of Slacko Puppy Linux has been released!

Current version: slacko-5.5

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended: 900MHz processor (P3 or AMD K7), 512MB RAM and either bootable cd access, usb boot or network boot access. A Hard Drive is not required

Slacko has been known to run on a P3 733MHz processor with 256MB RAM. Slacko does not support old P2 or AMD K6 processors.


The recommmend method to update Firefox and to add SeaMonkey to Slacko is to use the Updates Manager from the Setup menu. If you have already updated it is recommended to remove the older Firefox or Seamonkey package before you upgrade. This helps preserve savefile space.

Which version? 4G or PAE?

A few years back some developers patched the Linux kernel with what is known as the Physical Address Extension Patch or PAE. It is designed to give 32 bit kernels, which are limited to "seeing" 4 GB of RAM, the capability of utilising up to 64 GB of RAM. Read more here about PAE.

So which version is best? It all depends on your hardware. Either should be fine on most hardware, however if you have over 4GB RAM then you may want to use the PAE verison to take advantage of that RAM.

Please note that Intel Pentium M processors with a 400Mhz FSB (see glossary) do not run the PAE version. These were marketed around 2005 as "Centrino". Some very old hardware may not support PAE very well, if at all.

Known Issues


Slacko is coordinated by me, Mick Amadio, (01micko on the puppy forum) but it could not be possible with out some fantastic contributors. I'd like to thank Jakub Szefer (SFR) for finding and squashing many bugs. Also, jebaJQ8, futwerk, pacer106 and tubeguy for artwork, dejan555 for the banner logo, and the many other developers and testers.

Slacko Theming

You can change anything you want! There are several wallpapers and themes included or you can download other themes from the Puppy Package Manager.

Plenty of options !

slacko blue slacko purple slacko green

Quick Reference


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