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The latest version of Slacko Puppy Linux has been released! Release Notes

Current version: slacko-5.5

These are the current Live links from which you can get Slacko. There is a choice of 2 iso images as well as an optional development sfs file image that contains compilers and development headers. Kernel sources (and devx) are separate and available in the SFS Manager. Please read the release notes before downloading.

List of Mirrors

Which file to download?

In the "List of Mirrors" above choose a location that is reasonably close to your geographical location. On clicking one of those links you are presented with a number of files. Puppy is distributed in ISO image format represented by the .iso file extension. That is, it's an image of a CDROM which can be burnt to CD or DVD. There are 2 files that have that extension, slacko-5.5-4G.iso and slacko-5.5-PAE.iso. Click one and your browser will offer to download. Save it to a location on your hard drive.
There are 2 other important files for new users to consider. These are the .md5.txt files which open in the browser revealing a long string of code. This is the "checksum" which is a digital signature. When you download the file and it is complete it is recommended to test the checksum. In Linux this is done by the commandline with the command md5sum.

# md5sum slacko-5.5-4G.iso

it returns:

5eb9fc5689ffe317f651c4da954ff818 slacko-5.5-4G.iso

which is exactly what the slacko-5.5-4G.iso.md5.txt file contains. If there is not a match you will need to redownload the iso file. Be sure you have the correct md5.txt for your particular iso file. There are 3rd party tools available for Windows that perform the same action in a GUI.

Slacko Theming

You can change anything you want! There are several wallpapers and themes included or you can download other window managers and themes from the Puppy Package Manager.

Plenty of options !

slacko blue slacko purple slacko green

Slacko Puppy Linux

Is a community project made by volunteers.

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