micko's blog micko's Blog http://01micko.com/blog2/ http://01micko.com/blog2/?viewDetailed=00001 New Blog General This is my new blog which reflects the design of my site at <a href=http://01micko.com target=_blank>http://01micko.com</a>. <br /> <br />It is running SJPPLOG_NG the same as the blog for Puppy Linux. <br /> <br />I have archived my old blog at <a href=https://01mickoblog.wordpress.com/ target=_blank>https://01mickoblog.wordpress.com/</a> and will keep my current blog live for the time being. I used worpress.org because the migration was a cinch. <br /> <br />Enjoy! <img src=/blog2/www/blog/images/happy.gif /> http://01micko.com/blog2/?viewDetailed=00000 Slacko and Slacko64 are released! Puppy'Slacko <img src=/blog2/www/blog/images/slacko64630-624x351.png /> <br /> <br />I have the pleasure of announcing 2 new stable releases from the Slacko Puppy Linux family. <br /> <br /><b>Slacko64 6.3.0</b> and <b>Slacko 6.3.0</b> <br /> <br />Slacko64 is the very first 64 bit official Puppy Linux to be released. I have been running it myself for over 18 months and I have finally brought it up to release status. It has a brand new theme I call “Buntoo”, which is basically an Ubuntu Unity knock off but with Rox Filer, GTK2 and JWM! <br /> <br />Slacko (the 32 bit version) is an upgrade for the last stable release – Slacko 5.7. It has all the same features as Slacko64 but with a different default theme, however the buntoo theme can be applied from a new program called <b>PTheme</b>. Look for it in the menu. <br /> <br />The Slacko 6.3.0 family uses libraries and binaries from the upstream stable <b>Slackware</b> (64)-14.1 so any program built for slackware should run in Slacko as long as dependencies are met. <br /> <br />For more information and download links visit the new <a href=http://slacko.eezy.xyz/ target=_blank>Slacko website</a>. <br /> <br />I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it! <br /> <br />Mick.