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On my way

Welcome to micko's site

If you want to have a bit of fun well why not start here? I've collected a little bit of information about myself and my interests and have decided to share this bounty with the World Wide Web community via the Information Super Highway. Here you will find some information about about me and my hobbies including IT, Linux, guitar playing among other things.


The shed is where lots of cool stuff happens. I make stuff, I play my guitars, I surf the web and look at... er... websites, as you do, music sites, tech sites and so on. I have a bunch of computers in here ranging from a raspberry pi to a OLPC's, a couple of servers and workstations. I have a heap of sound equipment, left over from playing in garage bands many moons ago. Still own a couple of very nice guitars. We store a lot of stuff in here too.


Linux is my operating system of choice. I've used various flavours of Linux over the last twelve years. Now I mostly use Slackware for heavy lifting. It is very fast and configurable but it is certainly not for everybody. It is a great way to learn Linux and the UNIX way of doing things. I also use and develop Puppy Linux Slacko edition, currently at the 5.6 version. (See my blog link for details). I have been involved in the puppy community for over 5 years. It's great on older hardware because it is so tiny. It has a very vibrant community too!

ICT is my passion. I am currently studying at Charles Darwin University, Diploma of Network Engineering. I also do all kinds of repairs and installations of computers and peripherals including software, any operating system. I can even install operating systems on Android devices. You can view my current resume online here.

You can contact me by Email here.

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